Walefit Neurotype Protocol

The Neurotype protocol is an approach used to identify the neurological profile of individuals through a comprehensive questionnaire that covers many neurological but also psychological factors.

The original creator neurotyping is Christian Thibaudeau, world-renowned strength and conditioning coach who has worked with athletes from everywhere in a total of 28 different sports.

In a nutshell: “neurotyping” refers to utilizing a person’s personality traits to evaluate his/her neurotransmitter dominance and utilize that information to select the best type of training and diet to maximize his/her training results.

The Walefit Method Coaching and the neurotype test are based on 5 typical neurological profiles. Originally used in the context of sports performance, we are using it with our clients as the ultimate tool to effectively individualize nutrition and workout protocols.

It allows us to understand the client’s brain dominance and thus know what kind of nutrition will be best suited to optimize results.

Working with the your correct neurotype profile helps maximize the output of each workout session, make sure you recover to the fullest and provide key guidelines for nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Also note that the Neurotyping can be used for better performance in the context of different types of activities or even areas of interest/concerns, such as work and career management, personal relationships, stress management, etc.

“Neurotyping is not only a coaching system. It’s a tool to better understand human being”. Christian Thibaudeau

What's Next?

Well, taking the test is the first step. It’s so little to do but yet so powerful!

You will then get a full breakdown on your Neurotype profile.

And if you’re a new client, we will go over your profile with you before beginning the program.

For any specific inquiries, please send us an email!