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I’m Adewale Jr., International Online Fitness Coach. I’m a former athletic and briefly ran for Canada in Track & Field. I began working with Colleges and Professional athletes, mentoring and coaching to reach optimal performance.

Over time, I migrated to helping busy professionals… Moms, Entrepreneurs, etc;  simplifying the process of being in optimal physical shape because of their busy schedules.

You can watch a short 10 minute video about how I help Busy Moms here ==>> Helping Busy Moms

How I Can Help You

My fitness consulting career began over 6 years ago when I worked for various gyms. My job was to work with both professional & stay at moms and to learn about their busy schedule then design programs that helped with building confidence while meeting their fitness goals.

As time went by, I mastered how to simplify the process of being in great physical shape when you have a very busy schedule and feel over-welcomed.

I’ve helped hundreds of busy Moms and Business Professionals increase their daily productivity using my programs and improved overall energy without setbacks. A sound fitness strategy is essential to being in great physical shape and I help you create your strategy using proven practices and my years of consulting experience.

One of my clients was able to lose 24 lbs in just 8 weeks while maintain her busy schedule and creating new opportunities for her business.

Let’s chat and see how we can help each other.



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