Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Hi, I'm Adewale Awosanya Jr.

I don’t have a PHD or any have fancy degrees, but after successfully helping hundreds of busy professionals achieve full body transformation…

I ‘get’ all things nutrition & fitness and know how to make the process of getting stronger, more energetic, and getting the right mindset shift less stressful for you so you can START feeling confident about your body.

Success Stories...


All the shorts I couldn’t fit in last summer now fits. I’m feeling strong and very confident with my body. I even get compliments about my butt now.


Sometimes it’s hard trying to maintain my busy schedule and having a plan tailored for my lifestyle makes it realistic and easier to achieve my fitness goals.



If the idea of struggling with weight gain and body confidence is stressing you out…

I’m looking for the next 3 professionals to personally help reduce body fat, get more energy, get stronger within the next 90 days using my G.R.I.T System so you can start feeling more confident about your body.

If this is you, click the button below and fill out the application to book a call so we can determine if the G.R.I.T system is a good fit for you.

More Success Stories…


My experience with Wale has been nothing short of amazing. I was able to drop over 40 lbs, for my first fitness competition. Wale was guiding through out the whole difficult process.


I'm down 27 lbs! My cellulite is completely gone and I fell stronger than I've ever been! This has been the hardest and most rewarding experience.

zack full body transformation


Wale was phenomenal! As a coach, he mentored me and taught me how to track my macros, establish consistency. I also built a better relationship with food. He is more than a coach - he become a friend.

bethany full body transformation


All I wanted was to be skinny and did lots of cardio. After changing to Wale's adjustments, I found new level of strength I didn't know I had. I've grown mental, emotional and physically.

mark full body transformation


As a mentor/friend, Wale guided me through my physique competition. Thanks for all time, energy, motivation you gave me. One of a kind coaching!

Steph full body transformation


Woohoo! I’ve lost 30 lbs!!! If I lose 4 more, I’ll be in my 140’s. I’m really doing it. It’s impossible to quit now. Thank you so much!!

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