Do You Need Fat Loss Help?

"I'm Looking For A Few More Success Clients..."

If that’s you, I will personally help you drop a few pounds, feel great and gain all kinds of confidence over the next few months!

Watch This Short Video To Learn How You Can Use A “Simple Model” For Sustainable Fat Loss.

My experience with AJ has been nothing short of amazing. I was able to drop over 40 lbs, for my first fitness competition. AJ was guiding through out the whole difficult process.

Bennie Pospishel
After successfully helping hundreds of busy professionals achieve full body transformation…

I ‘get’ all things nutrition & fitness and know how to use it to make the process less stressful for you so you can CRUSH your health goals.



I’m Looking For A Few More Success Clients Who Are Ready To Stop Stressing And Regain Control Of Their Health & Fitness

Looking for the next 3 professionals to personally help burn fat and build lean muscle within the next 12 weeks using the G.R.I.T System so you can start looking good and feeling great.

If you’ve, click the button below and fill out our application and book a call so we can determine if our G.R.I.T system is a good fit for you.

If the idea of getting in shape is stressing you out and you’re sick of other ‘guru’s’ with inferior products to yours making a killing simply because they have ‘cracked the code’ on marketing, click the button below and fill out our application and book a call so we can determine if using the G.R.I.T system is a good fit for you.

Complete an application so we can start a conversation!

Success Stories...

Alexis Franklin

All the shorts I couldn’t fit in last summer now fits. I’m feeling strong and very confident with my body. I even get compliments about my butt now haha

Monique Dutton

Sometimes it’s hard trying to maintain my busy schedule and having a plan tailored for my lifestyle makes it realistic and easier to achieve my fitness goals.

About Adewale Jr.

AJ is the founder of Walefit whose goal is to empower it’s visitors, clients, and customers on how to leverage nutrition, supplements, and workouts, and  in their busy lives for sustainable healthy lifestyle.

AJ specializes in fat loss, lean muscle building, and creating healthy mindset and has helped his clients achieve full body transformations without the stress.

More Success Stories…

Alexis Franklin

I'm down 27lbs! My cellulite is completely gone and I am stronger than I've ever been. This has been the hardest and most rewarding experience.

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