If you’re someone who has struggled with failed dieting attempts. Feel like you’ve tried about everything with little to show for it.

Or you want to lose 20-30 pounds, get leaner, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin…

The Walefit Program Is For You.

Here’s how it works: To set and achieve your fitness goals, you need a simple comprehensive and fail proof process. The Walefit Coaching™ provides you with the proven process and support you need.

Metabolic Priming

Most of the people we coach come to us after years of chronic dieting and under eating. We’ll guide you through the process of fueling your metabolism so that your body feels safe letting go of unwanted body fat.

Lifestyle Integration

Integrate things you enjoy into the process. Things like alcohol, restaurant meals, and social events. We track your progress weekly to give you confidence when you eat out or with friends.

Personality-Powered Nutrition

When you eat the right foods for your own brain chemistry based on your personality type, it can help reduce the stress on your body. It also improves your mood stability so you can feel more like yourself. This will help you stay consistent with your nutrition and training with less effort.

Self-Reliance & Sustainability

In the end, you’ll feel an incredible sense of relief when you know that you’ve accomplished your goals. You'll have the tools to remain successful for the rest of your life. All our clients report that our process saves them time, money, mental energy.

If You’re Ready To Get The Body You Desire

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